Projects of Doc Higgins

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Doc Higgins
Doc Higgins, is itself a project of Doc Higgins. :) It involves the use of his musical, songwriting, and other abilities to help spread the ideas of OpenDo and Arisusta.
OpenDo is a philosophy of life. In theory, it rejects all supernatural notions of reality. In practice, it projects a cooperative and sharing society - see Arisusta.
Arisusta is the social action program representing the philosophy of OpenDo. Arisusta means "arise and sustain" which is short for "arise from the lies and build a sustainable society".
Open Mic for musicians and songsters of all types. "Folk" means "the people", so this is the people's music and the people's place to perform it. Originally OpenFolk was a conventional weekly open stage where artists and audience traveled to a location in Barrie, ON, Canada. Now the main venue is online for the whole world to attend. Local in person events will also be organized.
Ukulele Heart
Ukulele Heart is Lady Sunshine and Doc Higgins as a duo in all things, including performances, workshops, and lessons.
OpenDo MMA
OpenDo MMA is the personal safety and self-defense Mixed Martial Arts program developed by Doc Higgins.
Creative Legacy Archive
What will you leave to represent your contributions in life? There are many artists, musicians, songwriters who have created wonderful works. The Creative Legacy Archive Database (CLADB) is intended to facilitate the development and maintenance of every creator's legacy.

There are more projects for this list - check back soon ...