Everything Doc Higgins


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Doc Higgins has been singing and writing thoughtful and topical songs for over 55 years. Recently, he has switched his main instrument to ukulele because of its pure music simplicity for performance and for music education. Doc also performs on piano or his acoustic 6 and 12 string guitars sprinkled with harmonica lines, and sometimes he may include electric guitar, banjo, and dulcimer.

Doc's songs are mostly folk with roots, jazz, blues, country, and popular influences. His insightful reflections on being human in a personal and global context are expressed through melodies and musical styles that leave the listener with a memorable sense of having experienced his message. With a view to urgency and a humanist perspective, he hopes to use his songs and music to help relate a message of social insight and action which can contribute to all positive efforts against oppression throughout the world.

Much more to come ...