FAQ of Doc Higgins

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why "Doc" ?
It's fun to pick a stage name or pen name. In the days of riding motorcycles with his brothers, Doc got that nickname because he was working on his Ph.D. In 1992, when he received his degree, "Doc" became the name to use.
Who is Doc Higgins ?
Doc's given names are Robert Norman Higgins. "Doc Higgins" is actually a project of RNHCE (Robert Norman Higgins Creative Energy). Simultaneous to his songwriting and performing activities, Doc also achieved a B.Sc. (Biology), R.N. (Nursing), M.H.A. (Health Administration), and a Ph.D. (Educational Technology). Please see his BIO page.
Who is Robert Norman Higgins ?
See "Doc Higgins" above. :)

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