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NOTE: this site and this page are still being developed

Doc Higgins never focused on personal financial gain. The social and artistic projects have always been his priority. Presently, some private lessons, workshops, and gigs are fine for his personal life, but they are not sufficient to cover the costs of activities and resources needed to continue building and promoting social and artistic advancement.

On this page, the outline of contribution possibilities will be presented. Note that there are significant infrastructure expenses, but all operations are Not-For-Profit. Further, Doc continues to do his best DIY (do-it-yourself) systems, programming, websites, and other work to reduce expenses.

For now, if you have the interest, and the means, please send donations via INTERAC email transfers to with code word: friends

Also check Doc's Patreon page to become a Patron of the arts.

Finally, you can donate or pay for services (lessons) via * * * * PayPal * * * * (which allows for secure use of debit or credit cards (none of your information is kept at this website).

NOTE: If paying by debit or credit, be sure to check the privacy box at the bottom of that page.