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Canada's Formost Unsigned Songwriter !!


Doc Higgins has been singing and writing thoughtful and topical songs for many years. He performs on piano or with his acoustic 6 and 12 string guitars sprinkled with harmonica lines, and he brings along his Gretsch semi-acoustic for some clean finger-style sounds.
Docs songs are mostly folk with roots, jazz, blues, country, and popular influences. His insightful reflections on being human in a personal and global context are expressed through melodies and musical styles that leave the listener with a memorable sense of having experienced his message. With a sense of urgency and a humanist perspective, he hopes to use his songs and music to help relate a message of social insight and action which can contribute to all positive efforts against oppression throughout the world.
Some of Docs songs are available on YouTube and a CD via ReverbNation and iTunes - entitled "Strange Highs and Watery Eyes" with tracks including "Wish Life Again", "Find Another Way", and "Song For The People Of Haiti".

Music Lessons

Guitar - Piano - Theory

Doc Higgins has developed the "Just Play It" method for learning guitar, piano, and music theory.
The two main components of the "Just Play It" method are:

  1. To help people play the music they enjoy, easily, by themselves or in a group as quickly as possible. Rather than working through a lot of theory details and playing less interesting songs, the "Just Play It" method helps learners move easily to being able to play the music they like, either independently (solo) or accompanying others (backup and jamming).
  2. To help people see and understand the patterns in music and how they appear on the guitar fingerboard, and the piano keyboard. Most people are quite good at recognizing and remembering patterns. In fact, pattern recognition is a natural conscious and unconscious function of the brain. Thousands of songs are more easily understood, and more easily played once a very few musical patterns are recognized and applied.
All lessons cover guitar, piano, and music theory. Guitar lessons start with chords and strumming and progress to some lead bits, then flat-pickin, then finger-pickin. Piano notes and patterns of the keys are taught initially, followed by chord shapes and simple playable scales. Music theory is introduced gradually in ways that provide support for improved playing and musicianship.


all lessons are free and being prepared for online participation